About MOG
Art is the universal language of mankind and has the power to connect people from all over the world.

Vision: To create a tolerant, liberal, happy, connected and humane society using art as a medium of change.
Mission: To create opportunities to expose a large population to contemporary art and thus break the cultural barrier.

Since its inception in 2015, the Museum of Goa (MOG) has endeavoured to bring art and local history to larger audiences, in an attempt to reduce the huge cultural gap that exists in India. As the majority of the Indian population is excluded from the opportunity to view and enjoy contemporary arts, MOG is looking to address this problem, by making art accessible to all.

Founded and curated by artist Subodh Kerkar, the museum showcases a permanent exhibition, which narrates Goa’s histories through the use of contemporary art. New works are added regularly to this display, thereby ensuring that the museum is constantly evolving. The museum also offers an art space for temporary exhibitions, meaning they are constantly on the look out for exciting new contributors, making the content of the gallery highly dynamic. As well as providing a gallery space and sculpture garden, the Museum of Goa also organises workshops, residencies, lectures, musical performances and art courses. ‘MOG Sunday’ has become a weekly lecture series led by eminent artists, scholars and activists, who use the museum’s auditorium space to speak to on a variety of subjects. It has become a popular addition to the MOG programme, and adds to the cultural blend that makes the museum unique.

Further to the aforementioned activities, the museum recently launched the annual Goa Affordable Art Fest. This has added another dimension to the museum, encouraging new audiences and first time art buyers to invest in high quality products. MOG’s 1,500m2 internal area offers a vibrant and inclusive space for many forms of contemporary art, thus bringing together artists, curators, collectors, enthusiasts, educators, students and audiences from all walks of life. It is envisioned less as a repository of objects, and more as a laboratory of ideas where all art forms are in constant dialogue with each other. MOG welcomes all types of multidisciplinary art forms, and is filled with painting, sculpture, photography, design, video, and installation. By initiating a dialogue between all areas of the arts, MOG has placed itself, and Goa in general, on the international art map.

The museum, located centrally in Pilerne Industrial Estate, is a three storey structure designed by the well-known architect Dean D’Cruz. Standing between industry on one side and forestland on the other, the Museum of Goa is home to both permanent and temporary exhibition space, an auditorium, store and café, as well as a sculpture garden and artists studios.